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2 May, 2012

“The Paula Deen of Tex-Mex Cuisine” Award

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I coined the phrase, “Paula Deen of Tex-Mex”  in order to prompt debate and discussion about high fat, bad taste and diabetes.  I will not be naming any Tex-Mex award recipients but rather asking you the question:  what would be the criteria for such an award? Our Texas Mexican cuisine suffers today from kitchen staff
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9 September, 2011

Refried Beans and Texas Mexican Rice

Refried Beans and Texas Mexican Rice
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The term, “refried beans” is a misnomer.  The correct translation of the Spanish, “frijoles refritos,” is “well fried beans.”  No fat required. Properly cooked beans and rice are a delicious meal.They’re also complete, nutritious protein. The recipes below rely on basic, straightforward technique. It’s the way families have been cooking them at home for generations. 
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