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18 April, 2014

Tejas Cookers Are World Champions: Best Barbecue Ribs!

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The Tejas Cookers, under the leadership of Travis Lemos, won the 2014 Top Prize for barbecue ribs at the Houston Rodeo World Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. The name Tejas refers to the first peoples of Texas who, living around Houston and East Texas about 11,500 years ago, developed highly organized civilizations.  Known as the “Hasinai” or
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24 March, 2014

Grilled Clams in Tequila Broth

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This recipe uses ingredients that were being employed and enjoyed by our Texas Indian ancestors long before 1400.  Archeologists have been able to determine that clams along the coastal bays were harvested most heavily from mid-April to late-July.  They were sometimes steamed in earth ovens lined with shells, but they were also cooked and smoked
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